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What Clients Are Saying

I’ve worked with Elise Groves to purchase my home in 2021w2 and refinanced with her twice. She made everything easy for me to understand and answered all my questions. Elise has been doing loans for many years, is very experienced, and knowledgeable. She saved me thousands of dollars over the years!
I would highly recommend Elise; she knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. Working with someone that has your best interests in mind is a great feeling.

-Mary, Santa Rosa, CA

We have used Elise for over 20 years for our mortgage needs, for both purchasing our home, an investment property, as well as refinancing over the years. We are grateful she was always watching rates and would be in immediate contact with us when it was to our advantage to consider refinancing. It will save us thousands of dollars over the life of the loan and didn’t realize how much of an impact that would have on our overall financial picture. We have referred lots of friends to her as well and she took great care of all of us. Call her… she really knows what she is doing!

-John and Candi, Santa Rosa, CA

Elise has taken care of our mortgage years for over 25 years and is so easy to work with. Her advice has been excellent, and we have happily referred her to family and friends, and like us, she is a true Golden lover!

-Bill and Sylvia, Cotati, CA

It is difficult to review Elise and her team at GTG Financial because Google only has 5 stars and Elise and GTG Financial are over the top in all categories. All means all. With her kindness and professionalism, she will get out of you what she needs… that’s your part. And you will always know where you stand. That’s her part. You will not be disappointed in the journey, or the outcome! After working with Elise several times, I now believe there is such a thing as a A+… coming from Championship pedigree. Like the Warriors have. Lastly, she throws a good party…oops.. I meant client appreciation event.

-David, Fort Bragg, CA

Elise Groves helped me with the financing for my new home in Santa Rosa. She guided me through the process and made me feel safe and comfortable. I always felt like I was in good hands!

-Eileen, Santa Rosa, CA

Great personal customer service! I would recommend Elise to anyone who needs to refinance a mortgage. She was prompt and professional.

-Jim and Bobbie, Cazadero, CA

When we needed to refinance in Santa Rosa, my daughter referred me to Elise since she is a good friend with Elise’s daughter. Elise did a great job on the refinance, and as rates continued to drop, she was very attentive to our situation and would let us know that we could save some money, which comes in handy with growing grandkids underfoot! She gained our complete trust and I feel confident in referring her to others.

-Kathleen, Santa Rosa, CA

We met Elise when we purchased our first home in Santa Rosa, and she was so wonderful that we chose her again when we needed help with a very complex sale and purchase that had to happen at the same time (we had contingencies on both houses, and it was a nail-biting time). Her professionalism, warmth, humor, and knowledge of the mortgage process made a very difficult situation easy.
During the pandemic, we refinanced when the interest rates hit historic lows, and once again, Elise’s skills and knowledge carried us through. We trust and love her completely, and how often can you say that about a mortgage broker??

-Tino and Karla, Windsor, CA

I’ve known Elise Groves for over 34 years. She’s extremely smart and can help you in every aspect of the mortgage you need. If you are looking for a very qualified person, Elise is your lady!

-Jan, Santa Rosa, CA

Elise has been a good friend and advisor throughout the years. She is an expert in her field and always ready to help answer questions. Our professional and personal lives have been intertwined for almost 35 years. She helped us with a new home purchase loan, an equity line of credit, and a few refinances as rates have improved during the last few years. I trust her and wouldn’t take my financial questions to anyone else! She’s generous with her time and always makes everything a lot of fun!

-Connie and Joel, Santa Rosa, CA

My daughter initially thought I should investigate getting a reverse mortgage, and I am so happy I did! Elise was patient with all my questions and addressed my concerns quickly, which put my mind completely at ease.
The process went smoothly, and I cannot tell you how this wonderful loan has given me breathing room to really enjoy my life. Elise made things painless, and I will always be grateful for your advice and guidance.

-Laura, Dixon, CA

I have relied on Elise’s excellent advice over the years when it came to my home loans. She is completely honest and even talked me out of refinancing at one time and I appreciate that. Turns out it was not the right timing, and I could have made a really expensive mistake but avoided it by listening to her. That’s refreshing! I know a number of people who have also used her, and all are happy. Her client parties are so fun, too!

-Leslie, Santa Rosa, CA

I have known Elise since 1980. There is nobody I trust more. There just isn’t. When my wife and I started house hunting, the only person we considered to be our broker was Elise. We got the best available rate initially. We then refinanced and she got us an even better rate. She really looked out for us and saved us a lot of money over the years. Unfortunately, she couldn’t save our marriage, but that’s another story.
How much do I trust her? I have recommended her services to multiple friends and family. She takes care of business. She crosses her “t’s” and dot’s her “i’s”. More than 40 years of friendship goes a long way, but if she wasn’t great as a broker, I wouldn’t recommend her

-Jay, Santa Rosa, CA

My late husband Bob and I used Elise when we bought our first home years ago and as rates continue to drop, she was always watching out for us. She let us know when it was time to refinance, which lowered our payment quite a bit. She is easy to deal with and explains everything in a way that makes perfect sense. Her client appreciation parties are always a blast, too! I have referred her to numerous friends and they all have been happy as well with her service. Highly recommended!

-Rosie, Santa Rosa, CA

I have used Elise Groves as a mortgage broker for over twenty years and each time, she has served me to her highest ability. She is knowledgeable and yet personable, professional, yet caring. She makes the detailed, exhausting work of a refi feel like just a task easily completed.

-Jan, Sebastopol, CA

My husband and I were referred to Elise by our realtor while searching for our first home. She is absolutely amazing! She made a very overwhelming process as painless and enjoyable as possible. She was straight forward and honest about everything. She was very easy to get in touch with whenever we needed and always had an answer to even our silliest of questions! Even after we had purchased our home she was always watching out for us to get a better rate and guided us through two refis, just as painless. Elise has incredible knowledge and clearly loves what she does, and she has genuinely cares for her clients! It could go on for days about our experience with her and her team, I would highly recommend her to anyone and do just about on a daily basis!

-Lexie & John , Santa Rosa, CA

Elise helped us refinance our mortgage and we were able to save a ton of money each month, She was very helpful and the entire process went smoothly. I would highly recommend her.

-Kristopher & Christina, Placentia, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Elise Groves in March 2010 and she made our house buying experience much easier. We were living in Lake County and commuting to Santa Rosa for work when we decided to purchase a second home in Santa Rosa. I consulted with Elise (through a referral from a friend at work). First of all she looked at our income and expenses and figured out that we would be able to qualify with very little money down. Then, she led us through the loan process which seemed to never end because the bank always wanted one more piece of paper or whatever. We would talk daily and she was always there to calm me down when I went into panic mode. When we were finally getting ready to close she went over all of the closing documents as we signed them because the title company was out of town. We had to close our escrow by a certain date otherwise we would have been penalized and we did thanks to Elise. It would be a pleasure to work with Elise again and I have told many friends about her wonderful work ethics and how she made what seemed like the impossible happen.

-Dani & Kurk, Santa Rosa, CA

We have financed and refinanced through Elise. She has consistently provided excellent customer service and she navigates through the administrative processes on a quick as possible and practical basis. It is clear that she fully researches the options and provides the best option for her clients. She is professional, impressively knowledgeable and very experienced. She explains terms in an easy to understand manner, makes the process easy, and she works hard for us. We would not consider working with any other business and we have referred our friends to Elise.

-Maya and Gene, Monterey, CA

We have known Elise since 1998, when we purchased our first home and have been her client ever since that time (throughout a refinance and subsequent home purchase in 2011). She has always maintained her professionalism, integrity, and outstanding customer service throughout each transaction….I would never consider working with anyone else.

-Paul and Brenda, Windsor, CA

We worked with Elise Groves on my refi on my house a few months back. She did everything that she could to get me the best rate and to lock in on the lowest interest rate, before the rates started going back up. I would strongly recommend her and will use her services again.

-Ross, Oceanside, CA

We were referred to Elise by my sister who worked in the business and knew what a great broker she was. We used my husband’s VA benefits and, although we knew it was a tough process, we had no idea what a roller coaster it would be! Elise and Glenn were great, always happy to respond to my nervous inquiries and jumping right on items that needed immediate attention from the lender. Our home purchase came with its challenges, but they always put us at ease and got the job done. I highly recommend Elise for any of your mortgage needs, but especially if you are going with a VA loan. It pays to go with someone who has experience, and I honestly don’t think we would be in our “forever” home if it weren’t for all her hard work!

-Sara and Aaron, Petaluma, CA

Working with Elise was a wonderful experience. The whole process of obtaining a mortgage is overwhelming but with Elise it was an enjoyable experience. Yes, enjoyable! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find someone to help them through the process of mortgage financing. Excellent customer service, great follow-up and honest & knowledgeable advice. She and Glenn spent an enormous amount of time and energy with us. We were not an easy, walk-in-the-park type of client – but Elise handled everything in stride and was able to secure us a fantastic rate and loan terms. Without Elise I wouldn’t have my home!

-Allegra and Mark, Windsor, CA

Appreciated your personal touch and thoroughness in handling our home loan. Also, you have been a great resource for other professional contacts (i.e. CPA, financial advisors). Thanks! ☺”

-Arturo and Tina, Santa Rosa, CA

My honest opinion- dealings with you were one of the most delightful experiences- you make it so simple- so positive- the first time and the second- your staff was friendly and professional- there isn’t much more I can say- you are a beautiful person – easy to talk to- and share with. I am happy to share your name with all my friends.

-Jean, Santa Rosa, CA

Your time and attention to us and our needs was perfect. Thanks for not being annoyed with our little one wondering around your office. It is clear that you put your clients’ needs first- no matter how odd they may be- that is why I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!

-Julie and Larry, Santa Rosa, CA

I couldn’t believe painless you made this re-fi. Both Carole and I had dreaded the thought of going through the process, but Elise felt like a friend from the first phone call- and truly is one. Carole was a little suspect of the surprise mailings, but I took care of the chocolate. Of course we will recommend you to anyone we can. Thanks.

-Joe and Carole, Santa Rosa, CA

It’s always a pleasure to do business with Elise. We totally trust her and she makes the whole transaction livable and downright enjoyable.

-Bill and Lavonna, Santa Rosa, CA

Elise is always so chipper and friendly; I really enjoy meeting with her. I appreciate her willingness to drive to meet me or come to my house in the evening so that there is little or no inconvenience to me. I also appreciate honesty and opinions about what will work best and benefit me.

-Tina, Santa Rosa, CA

We were very pleased with Elise’s follow through and support of our current finances- She really went to bat for us on a pretty sizable problem with our lender and forced them to honor our current rate. This battle was not even apparent to me and Michelle- Elise assumed all the headaches and to us it was all behind the scenes and didn’t interrupt our busy schedules. Being able to trust someone to help and smooth out any problems with the largest investment most people will ever make in their lives is a real testimonial to her ability.

-Hugh and Michelle, Santa Rosa, CA

Plain and simple, you and your company are the BEST! I trust you more than any other professional I have ever worked with. I felt safe and comfortable with you. You are always looking out for my best interest. THANK YOU!

-Nick, Sebastopol, CA

You are the best!!! Thanks for everything. Elise… as busy as you are…. You always seem to get back to us quickly. We really, really, appreciate this!

-Rick, Windsor, CA

Great job! All questions answered! You did exactly what you said you would! Thanks for your style. Very efficient and personable, fun, timely and just a good person to work with. Thanks.

-Rene and Matthew, Santa Rosa, CA

Was impressed with how quickly everything came together and was happy Elise came to our home.

-Gene and Regina, Santa Rosa, CA

We both found your company kind, professional, informative and a pleasure to deal with during a most stressful time in our lives. Thank you millions!!

-Greg and Barbara, Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks for being so great! You have always taken the time to keep in close touch and we have been able to take advantage of the rate dips because of it. I highly recommend your service!

-Rosie and Nick, Santa Rosa, CA

Elise, you’re the best! Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

-James, Sebastopol, CA

Thanks for all your help in the past! It is much appreciated!

-Debbie and Jim, Santa Rosa, CA

We thank you for taking care of our family and always being available for advice on mortgage matters. Great job, keep it up. And we love your parties!

-Sharon and Clarence, Santa Rosa, CA

Measuring up to our expectations is exactly what you have been doing for us for years! We really appreciate the personal, beyond friendly, efficient and effective services you offer. We love you!

-Mike and Stephanie, Forestville, CA

Great job! Thank you! It is always a pleasure dealing with such a pro.

-Tom and Dorothee, Rohnert Park, CA

Fast, friendly and extremely knowledgeable service. The epitome of ‘one stop shopping.’ You and Glenn are a great team and we are very pleased that we had this experience with you. We are very satisfied and will recommend you to our friends.

-Bob and Sandy, Sebastopol, CA

Thank you for the great service, as usual! We appreciated your honesty and integrity.

-Dave and Claire, Redding, CA

You guys are great! Your attention to my personal needs was excellent and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to everyone I know.

-Brad, Windsor, CA

You guys are fabulous! I look forward to attending more of your functions in the future. Take care.

-Gina, Santa Rosa, CA

One, your customer service cannot possibly be improved!!! Two, your special occasions mailings are a hoot! Way cool! High five! We signed on for life! Hope to see you soon!

-Betty and LeVon, Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks for helping our mom and dad, and of course, taking care of us as well. You have been an outstanding resource for us for years.

-Barry and Susan, Sebastopol, CA

Thank you for the wonderful and informative seminar you held last week. Your knowledge allowed me to learn many new things about buying a home. Our journey will be easier because of this.

-Merril, Rohnert Park, CA

It has been a great pleasure doing business with you, Elise. Thank you for all your efforts in securing a great home loan for me. Without your help it would not have been possible to buy my new home. Thanks again.

-Kevin , Santa Rosa, CA

Elise, I appreciate your contacting me when rates dropped for a refinance. It really shows you are watching out for your clients. We are really enjoying our townhome, in large part thanks to you.

-Marie, Cotati, CA

Thank you for making everything so special. We wanted you to know how much we appreciate everything that you have done for us. The purchase of this house was made easy by you and so many of the headaches were avoided by your expertise. We thank you very very much for all you have done.

-The Arthur Family, Hidden Lake, CA

I found Elise on Yelp about a year before I purchased our house. I was impressed by her “small business with high tech tools” approach. I also appreciated how she was available to talk through multiple scenarios of house piece, down payment, to help my wife and I make a really good decision that fit our budget. When our deal went sideways, she stayed even keel and helped us again sort through risk benefit, again giving us solid information with no pressure.
This shop is what dealing locally is all about. Experience, expertise and passion for the people in their community. Thanks Elise!!

A recent reviewer on here said that Elise was amazing, thorough, personal, and will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. To that reviewer, I ask, “Why the understatement?” This lady is worth her weight in gold. I needed a relatively small amount of equity out of my property. It is owned free and clear, but I had no liquid assets, a mediocre (at best) credit score, and to top it off, my home is classified as modular. When other brokers and agents were given this information, I couldn’t get a call returned.
After explaining my situation to Elise, she got me a loan with better terms than I had thought possible. She’s a great hand holder throughout the process. Don’t be surprised if, like me, you feel you gained a friend in the process.

My wife and I highly recommend Elise Groves.
Between credit agencies, mortgage lenders, loan underwriters, and title companies, successfully refinancing a mortgage can be a harrowing process. Unless, of course, you have Elise Groves as your mortgage broker.
Elise is the best. She is been through many up and down real estate markets and knows what she he doing. She is a good communicator, keeping you up-to-date on what’s going on. She makes refinancing easy.

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